vex 2 walkthrough


The Vex game series is one of the most played games online. After the success of Vex 1, the game developers released Vex 2 immediately. There were some improvements made and new features added; reasons why you will be interested to play the second version.


When you play Vex 2, you play as the stick figure on the go. You will have the adventure of your life. Run, jump, climb, swim and slide as the situation demands. But be very careful, the journey is not smooth at all. Deadly obstacles are all over the place. There are spikes, laser beams, saws and a lot more. One touch with them will kill you. When in the water, take note that your breath is limited. If your breath bar empties, you will also die. Not to worry though, there are checkpoints everywhere too represented by red flags. If you run through them, the game will record your progress. In case you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have reached.

There are two game modes in Vex 2: the Play mode which is the pre-developed game by the game developers and the Stage Builder Mode. In the Play Mode, there are ten levels or Acts as called in Vex. The first few levels may be easy. But as you level up, Acts gets harder. Some Acts also require you to collect keys to open passages or even the exit door. Even so they get harder, they are not impossibly hard. In fact, you can find walkthroughs how to finish each Act or watch videos of players who were able to finish the game.

In the Stage Builder Mode, you can build your own stage or Act. There are available platforms, objects and obstacles in your building tools. But if you want better tools, play the pre-developed game to unlock more building tools.

Also in Vex 2, there is now the Achievements Room. This is a new feature in the game. There are twenty nine Achievements to complete. Challenge yourself to complete them all as you play especially the seventh Achievement where you are asked to collect at least three stars within the game.


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