If you love games that are full of action and if the continuous gunfire is just like a sweet music to your ears, the strike force heroes games are the best ones for you. This is a war game that is full of challenges and adventures. Test yourself how long can you survive in a battlefield along with your enemies loaded with high power ammunition. Your mission in playing strike force heroes is to shoot all enemies around and leave no one alive.

While playing, collect all the power ups, those will give you more health, ammo or cash. Every mission has different objectives for you to fulfill them. There are missions where you will have to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible. There are some missions where you have to kill a number of enemy soldiers first before the enemy soldiers kill you a number of times. Then there is also a mission where you simply have to kill the enemy first before you are killed. And there are a lot more variations. This will make the game more exciting and not boring. And each mission involves different rewards too. Some missions will reward you cash or new type of weapon or unlock a new type of soldier or a combination of any of these three. And you also unlock the next mission when you win the battle.

In the first installment, you will go through fifteen levels in the Campaign Mode and fifteen stages in the Challenge Mode. There are sixty five weapons to unlock. There is also a Quick Match Mode. In the second sequel, there are also fifteen missions in the Campaign Mode and a lot of challenges. There is also a Custom Game.


And in the third installment, strike force heroes 3, is the most improved version. It is also the most challenging of them all. Aside from the sophisticated graphics, it was also made longer than its predecessors. There are fifty missions to go through and enjoy. And a lot of video clippings were embedded throughout the game, making the game realistic. It starts and end with video clippings.


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