Shoot the outsiders in The Strangers 2


The Strangers 2 is the second installment from the game series called The Strangers. This is an online shooting game that has a great purpose. The player will play the role of a sniper who must protect the villagers and the town from the outsiders who are trying to cause damage and destruction. Since this is already the second offering from the series, you can expect for more challenging and tough adventure.

The Strangers 2

Your main objective as the player of this game is to eliminate or shoot the outsiders or the strangers who are trying to destroy the town. The symbol or the sign that the individual is an outsider is if he wears a green shirt or cloth. Make sure that you have a keen eye and quick hands to eliminate the outsiders or strangers. They are either walking or running really fast which is the most difficult part of the game. You will have to select a certain part of the town which you want to protect.


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