Put a smile on the animals’ faces in Monkey Go Happy Marathon 5


There is no doubt that monkeys are very intelligent animals. It is the animal that has a resemblance to human features as well as human’s capabilities and thinking but limited or basic. That is the reason why they are very easy to teach and train certain skills than any other animals. Though not all of them are easy to take care and to bond with, they are all symbol of uniqueness and cuteness with a touch of cleverness. It is not surprising that there are flash games that incorporates this animal. One of them is the one called Monkey Go Happy Marathon 5.

Monkey go happy marathon 4 (5)

If you are excited to know the objective, just read the succeeding sentences. This is a click to play series of puzzle games where the player’s goal is to make the little monkeys happy by completing each puzzle as well as overcoming obstacles in the game. There are a total of 36 puzzles that you can enjoy as long as you are making the monkeys cheered up or happy at all times. You will surely like this game if you will experience it firsthand.


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