Shoot the outsiders in The Strangers 2

The Strangers 2 is the second installment from the game series called The Strangers. This is an online shooting game that has a great purpose. The player will play the role of a sniper who must protect the villagers and the town from the outsiders who are trying to cause damage and destruction. Since this is already the second offering from the series, you can expect for more challenging and tough adventure.

The Strangers 2

Your main objective as the player of this game is to eliminate or shoot the outsiders or the strangers who are trying to destroy the town. The symbol or the sign that the individual is an outsider is if he wears a green shirt or cloth. Make sure that you have a keen eye and quick hands to eliminate the outsiders or strangers. They are either walking or running really fast which is the most difficult part of the game. You will have to select a certain part of the town which you want to protect.


Games perfect for young ones in Free Toddler Games

Some of us are having confusion with kids and toddlers. To clear our minds, kids refer to the children ages 5 to 10 while toddler refer to the young ones’ ages 1 to 4. The reason we are bringing this one up is because it is important to distinguish the right term for each individual which is related to our main topic which is about flash games. As we all know, there are varied games existing at the moment. Some are intended for adults, teens and children. How about toddlers? Don’t worry because there is a compilation of games that are perfect for toddlers. They are found at Free Toddler Games.

The great thing about this compilation and exposing toddlers to games is that they can easily learn certain things about colors and shapes. Example of games that you can easily found and let your toddler play are Dora’s Cooking in La Cucina, Dora and Boots Dress Up, Elmo Dress Up and Dora’s Matching Game.

Free Toddler Games (3)


Throw or kick the football in Planters Field Goal Challenge

American Football has been considered as one of the greatest and most popular sports in the nation. People often get confused with Football and American Football. We should be aware that the former is the greatest and most popular sports in the entire world that only involves kicking and goal keeping while the latter involves throwing, dodging and catching the ball towards the end line. Planters Field Goal Challenge, which is currently presented in this article, is an example of a flash game that incorporates the latter.


Planters Field Goal Challenge

Your mission as the player in this game is to simulate the usual objective in the real game of American Football. You will be given the chance to throw the ball towards the yellow bars and score. You will start at the 30-yard distance position and it will go far and far until the ultimate distance challenge occurs. Try your best to kick or throw the ball in any fashion you want as long as it passes through the yellow bars.


Avoid the colored cubes in Cube Field

If you are looking for an exciting, addictive and simple game, Cube Field is the perfect one for you. It is exciting because of the concept and game play which is all about colored cubes which you need to dodge or avoid. It is addictive because it will eventually make you play many times in order to beat your record. It is simple because it doesn’t incorporate too much details but colored cubes only. To find out more about this game, feel free to read the entirety of this article.

cube field

As mentioned above, this is a simple game which will excite players and will make them addict to it. The goal of the players in this game is to dodge or avoid the colored cubes coming their way. They will control a simple cursor-like object and try to avoid as many cubes as possible. The game moves on different paces. It may start slow or fast. Your only main objective is to beat your own score.


Play a popular sport in Online Basketball Games

Basketball is considered as one of the top two most popular and most exciting sports in the entire world. There are three reasons why it is one of the best in the world. First is because of the involvement of balls which make the game or sports relatable and easy to familiar with. Second is because of the fact that this is a team sport which means a lot of people can actually enjoy or play. Last reason is because of the shooting action involve which makes the players and fans excited and thrilled all the time. There are flash games existing at the moment which are all about Basketball. You can find some at Online Basketball Games.

Online Basketball Games (1)

This is a compilation of flash games that are all about Basketball. If you are excited to play one, you can visit Examples of games that anyone can freely play is NBA Hoop Troop and World Basket Cup. The good thing about this compilation is that it lets gamers find, choose and play whatever they want as long as they are about Basketball.


Get the Piggy in the Puddle

Do you like playing games that test or enhance your skills? Try to help the pig in Piggy in the Puddle. It is a funny physics-base game. Your main goal is to make the pig roll to the mud puddle. But as the pig rolls, it should get the three acorns too. So you have to think first how the pig will get into the puddle while obtaining the acorns.

This game uses mouse to control the pig; press the left button of your mouse to make the pig into a rolling position and another click to make him stop. There are stages that you will click on something to help the pig. You need to get at least one acorn to level up. But the challenge here is not only to make the pig into the mud puddle but to get all three acorns.



Put a smile on the animals’ faces in Monkey Go Happy Marathon 5

There is no doubt that monkeys are very intelligent animals. It is the animal that has a resemblance to human features as well as human’s capabilities and thinking but limited or basic. That is the reason why they are very easy to teach and train certain skills than any other animals. Though not all of them are easy to take care and to bond with, they are all symbol of uniqueness and cuteness with a touch of cleverness. It is not surprising that there are flash games that incorporates this animal. One of them is the one called Monkey Go Happy Marathon 5.

Monkey go happy marathon 4 (5)

If you are excited to know the objective, just read the succeeding sentences. This is a click to play series of puzzle games where the player’s goal is to make the little monkeys happy by completing each puzzle as well as overcoming obstacles in the game. There are a total of 36 puzzles that you can enjoy as long as you are making the monkeys cheered up or happy at all times. You will surely like this game if you will experience it firsthand.


Varied shooting games found in Sniper Games

Flash game series are very popular among players or gamers around the world.There are three reason that can answer that question. First is because it involves a continuation. People or gamers are not satisfied with a game that ends quickly. That is why game creators produced series. The second reason is because of the entertainment. The more installment or editions, the more excitement one gets. Last reason is because of the challenge that the series offers. There is a progress of toughness or difficulty which a player will have to overcome. A flash game series which is true enough to attain popularity is the one called Sniper Games.


From the title, you can easily distinguish that it has something to do with shooting because of the word sniper. The player will play the role of a soldier who needs to battle against enemies and must protect his base until the game is finished. There are several edition that this series offers which will surely excite gamers who are fond of shooting. One good thing about Sniper Games is the production of entertaining and interesting editions.


Drive precisely and safely with Bus Man Parking 3D

Driving is one skill that most of us are aware of. The words “most of us” was mentioned because not all of us have their own vehicle to drive with because of two reasons. One is because some of us are not yet capable of attaining a vehicle. The other is because some of us prefer walking or commuting than driving. Nevertheless, it is an important skill to achieve if one dreams of having a car or a bus in the near future. A good way to raise awareness about this particular skills is through a virtual medium like flash games. In fact this article is about a flash game that focuses on driving simulation. It is called Bus Man Parking 3D.


The player will be a virtual bus driver in this game. His or her job is to drive the big vehicle or the bus on the requested location by following the white lanes or lines. This is not about how fast you drive but how precise and safe you take on the wheels of a big vehicle. Your score will depend on the skills you executed and the less damage you have obtained. Avoid crashing on the obstacles and you are good to go with this simulation game.


Seek some help and guidance with Mario Crossover Cheats

Experiencing difficulties with a game is a normal thing that gamers or players face on a daily basis or whenever they are playing a particular flash game. That difficulty is a valuable part of the game which aims to challenge the abilities of whoever is playing at the moment. Some can overcome the difficulty but others can’t endure it in different matters. Fortunately, there are cheats and walkthroughs available which can help an individual, a gamer or a player pass a specific part of a game. A good example is Mario Crossover Cheats.

The game Mario Crossover may look simple but quite tough to finish. If you are experiencing difficulties with it and want some solutions, you can learn this here now. There are many cheats and tips that you can get with Mario Crossover Cheats. Some of them are Level Select where you can select the level you want to play by skipping the previous one, Ground Bricks, All Hammer Bros, All Weapons can pierce, Infinite Ammo and Infinite Lives. These may sound and look as cheating but for some, it is a way to surpass the difficulty in an entertaining flash game.