Circular world salvation in Red Ball 6

Being a hero doesn’t mean that you have to wear the redundant clothes or dresses just to say so. You can be a hero by doing little things that can grow into something wonderful and positive. You can be a hero by simply being yourself and being true to yourself. You can do many things without the tag name of being a hero. One way is through flash games. Other may find games worthless or waste of time but there will be a valuable lesson in every game.


One flash game that has a valuable lesson is Red Ball 6. This is the sixth edition of the flash game series Red Ball. The objective of this game is to save the circular world from being square by defeating the black ball and the square ones by jumping through them and other obstacles. Even if this is only a virtual game, you can raise awareness about the importance of goodness at all times. Play this game at


Feat all the master with Chaos Faction 3

Are you familiar with the flash game called Chaos Faction 3? If yes, then you will surely love the topic that this article presents or offers. But before that, let us quickly talk about Chaos Faction. This is a great game series about defeating tons of enemies for survival. There are different versions or editions under this specific game series. Going back to the main topic, this article is about Chaos Faction 3. This is already the third installment from the mentioned series.

Chaos Faction 3 (5)

There are two benefits that you can get by engaging with this game. First is the chance to be familiar with the game proper. Second is to have a great time playing since you will be familiar with the game already. Chaos Faction 3 has three game modes which are Campaign, Death Match and Survival. The first one is about defeating every boss in every arena. The second one is about defeating a specific enemy. The last one is about surviving the tons of enemies. Try this game now at


Get more surprised in Scary Maze DX

Are you brave enough to play the Scary Maze games? Be scared yourself or scare others with the Scary Maze Game DX. Do you think you have the ability to finish all the levels? See for yourself then and play the game for free at You can choose playing between Casual, which is easy fun for you and your friends, or DX version, wherein your swiftness to get to the end will be put into test.


Take hold of the red box using your mouse. Guide it to the end of the maze but make sure it will not touch the walls or it will be game over. Take note too of your path for sometimes it is where you pass that triggers the surprise. Be informed also that Scary Maze Game DX is not a game for kids or for people with heart conditions.


More tricky levels in Trollface Quest 2

If you had played the first Trollface Quest game, challenge yourself with some more tricky puzzles in Trollface Quest 2. Just like its prequel, it is a point-and-click puzzle and strategy game. Your goal is to complete all levels with the most minimal clicks possible, though there is no more counter for the number of clicks made. Some of the levels need more thinking than the others. Some levels are easy, but some are much trickier than the others. Solve each level successfully to go on the next one.

There are twenty levels to solve. And when you solve all levels, there is a bonus at the end of the game. Play the game for free at If you ever got stuck in a level, a walkthrough is also available. But challenge yourself in solving all twenty levels without looking in the walkthrough.

Trollface Quest 2 (2)


Control the helicopter in Crazy Helicopter

Helicopter is an aircraft used for short-distance travel or emergency purposes. This is a simple version of the first ever airplane created. Some people say that using this particular vehicle is only for the rich and famous. It may or may not be true but the thing is that it can provide benefits to mankind. There are two common purposes that this vehicle provides. First is for emergency or rescue mission whether in land or in water because it is smaller than a regular airplane which means that it is lighter and faster. Second is for short-distance travel as mentioned a while ago.


This article that you are currently reading is presenting a flash game related to a helicopter. The name of the game is Crazy Helicopter. This is a game created by and released in 2007. The mission of the players is to control the helicopter as it passes through different obstacles and avoid or eliminate threats as much as possible. Mouse click and spacebar are the main controls.


Be creative and funny with Monkey Go Happy games

Are you looking for varied entertaining games? If you are positive about the question, then you will absolutely love the topic that is being presented in this very article. This is about a flash game compilation called Monkey Go Happy games. This compilation is quite unique because of three reasons. First is the involvement of cute little monkeys that most people are amazed about. Second is because of the story that is evolving which is interesting and worth-knowing. Last is because of the game play that really challenges the players mentally and strategically.


Basically, this compilation will absolutely make you smarter once you have engaged with it already. The objective or goal in the games belonging to this compilation is all about finding the missing monkeys while making them happy. You must be able to utilize the objects that can be found on the game which are very helpful in your goal.


Solve the problems in Trollface Quest

Trollface Quest in the first edition from the game series with the same title. This is a puzzle game which is exciting and tough at the same time. There are three reasons why you should play this game. First is because of the simple but appealing graphics and designs that gamers like you will surely love. Second is because of the game play which is interesting and entertaining all the time. Third is because of the fact that there is something that you can learn from by playing it now.

Trollface Quest  (4)

The cool thing about this game is that it presents a cute character which is a troll face one. The mission or objective of the players who will be playing this game is to solve the puzzles or problems presented in each level. The first few levels might be easy but the remaining are quite tough to pull through. You just have to think and analyze the problem. If you are good in thinking and doing alternative ways, then this is the game for you.


Have a nostalgic adventure in The Fog Fall

Are you familiar with escape games? If you don’t have any idea what type of game are these, then let this article help you be knowledgeable about them. Escape games are flash games that are about escaping a certain place or location by utilizing the stuffs that are helpful for the great escape. To widen your knowledge about it, this article has a flash game with the same type and it is called The Fog Fall.

There are two things that you should look forward into playing this game. First are the features and designs that are appealing and entertaining. Second is the history surrounding this game which is quite nostalgic and reminiscing. The goal or objective of the gamers who want to engage with this game is to escape the basement of the house where you are in and then escape the fog creeping outside. Make sure that you are able to use the objects or things that you see in the basement to escape successfully.

The Fog Fall


Lead the ball to the exit area with The Bouncy Ball

Balls are usual themes in different entertainment mediums because of three reasons. First is because of the familiarity that people have towards them which make the engagement easy in terms of viewership or playing at the medium. Second is because of their simple look that make them standout. They don’t have to be perfect just the right form. Last is because of the fact that there are many things that you can do if you engage with a ball or balls such as playing sports like Basketball and Football or playing pinball and other stuffs. This article presents one and it is called The Bouncy Ball.


Do you have an idea why it is called The Bouncy Ball? It is because of the characteristic of the ball which is bouncy and hard to control. The goal of the player in this game is to draw terrains in which the ball should pass through until it reaches the exit are and advance on the next level. The first few levels can be very easy but as you progress in this game, the goal gets tougher and harder. Be strategic and reach the perfect timing to win the game.


Learn some Mario Crossover cheats

Mario Crossover game series would probably the perfect game for those who had enjoyed the family computer and video games era. Super Mario was a simple game but was challenging enough for anyone who played. It was not that all easy. And now it is more challenging than ever having different kinds of characters with different powers and abilities to play with.

Mario Crossover Cheats are available and some of them would make the game easier even when you are in the Hard difficulty. But some will also make the game harder to play, giving you more fun playing it. Amazed with the fact that cheats can make the game harder? Learn this here now and understand more. Most of the cheats can only be done after you have finished an entire game or have achieved some quantity of the thing to unravel its cheat.