More tricky levels in Trollface Quest 2


If you had played the first Trollface Quest game, challenge yourself with some more tricky puzzles in Trollface Quest 2. Just like its prequel, it is a point-and-click puzzle and strategy game. Your goal is to complete all levels with the most minimal clicks possible, though there is no more counter for the number of clicks made. Some of the levels need more thinking than the others. Some levels are easy, but some are much trickier than the others. Solve each level successfully to go on the next one.

There are twenty levels to solve. And when you solve all levels, there is a bonus at the end of the game. Play the game for free at If you ever got stuck in a level, a walkthrough is also available. But challenge yourself in solving all twenty levels without looking in the walkthrough.

Trollface Quest 2 (2)


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