Lead the ball to the exit area with The Bouncy Ball


Balls are usual themes in different entertainment mediums because of three reasons. First is because of the familiarity that people have towards them which make the engagement easy in terms of viewership or playing at the medium. Second is because of their simple look that make them standout. They don’t have to be perfect just the right form. Last is because of the fact that there are many things that you can do if you engage with a ball or balls such as playing sports like Basketball and Football or playing pinball and other stuffs. This article presents one and it is called The Bouncy Ball.


Do you have an idea why it is called The Bouncy Ball? It is because of the characteristic of the ball which is bouncy and hard to control. The goal of the player in this game is to draw terrains in which the ball should pass through until it reaches the exit are and advance on the next level. The first few levels can be very easy but as you progress in this game, the goal gets tougher and harder. Be strategic and reach the perfect timing to win the game.


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