Have a nostalgic adventure in The Fog Fall


Are you familiar with escape games? If you don’t have any idea what type of game are these, then let this article help you be knowledgeable about them. Escape games are flash games that are about escaping a certain place or location by utilizing the stuffs that are helpful for the great escape. To widen your knowledge about it, this article has a flash game with the same type and it is called The Fog Fall.

There are two things that you should look forward into playing this game. First are the features and designs that are appealing and entertaining. Second is the history surrounding this game which is quite nostalgic and reminiscing. The goal or objective of the gamers who want to engage with this game is to escape the basement of the house where you are in and then escape the fog creeping outside. Make sure that you are able to use the objects or things that you see in the basement to escape successfully.

The Fog Fall


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