Find the real culprit in High School Detective


Rip Powers is one of the best the football players of the school. They have a game against Cowell High the next day but unfortunately, someone used honey on his protein shake. Because he is allergic to honey, he was disabled. Duncan Cox, a notorious student and is about to face suspension, was tasked to investigate and discover who put honey on Rip Powers’ protein shake in exchange of the suspension. But if he fails to discover who did it, the principal will hold him responsible for it instead.

So start investigating by asking people in the school questions. You will be given choices on what to do. Then you will be given questions or comments to tell the person you have chosen. High School Detective: The Case of the Honey Trap is a challenging point-and-click mystery game. Try your instincts to discover the real culprit.

High School Detective (1)


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