Earn to Die 2014 game


In the Earn To Die game series, you will not shoot zombies. You will drive and smash them instead. The goal of each game is to reach a certain destination by driving a vehicle without being stuck or running out of fuel. There are usually three vehicles to use in the entirety of each game, the first being given and either buy or unlock the succeeding vehicles. The next vehicles are better or more capable than the other.

In the first Earn To Die game, the Super Wheel was missing. In fact, an upgrade of the wheel is not available. But in Earn to Die 2014, also known as Earn To Die Super Wheel, the super wheel had been found. This version is exactly the same as the first one, with the addition of the super wheel. That means you can now upgrade the wheels completely.


The zombies had invaded your town and you are one of the survivors. You saw a helicopter some three thousand feet away. And so you need a vehicle to get there. You have five hundred dollars initially, enough to buy a Small Hatchback. As you drive, you will be plowing zombies. Your score or money earned will be based on how far you got and how many zombies you have killed. Upgrade your vehicle’s fuel, wheel, engine and transmission and weapon for better performance. If the Hatchback is fully upgraded, it can go to a distance of one thousand feet; obviously not enough to reach the helicopter.

When you have earned enough money, the next vehicle to buy is the Good Old Pick Up costing twenty five thousand dollars. It is much stronger than a fully upgraded Hatchback even without any upgrades. But then, it is not still capable to run until where the helicopter is even when fully upgraded. So you have to buy the last vehicle, the Cool Heavy Truck which is the strongest vehicle and costing two hundred thousand dollars. When fully upgraded, this truck will make it through to the helicopter. It is not required to fully upgrade the Hatchback and the Pick Up. However, fully upgrading them is essential so they can go as far as possible in each run. Going a great distance each run means earning more.


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