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Duck Life is a management and racing game. Each episode has its own mission to accomplish and good storyline to entertain you beyond your expectations. First, you are going to train your duckling in the field of running, flying, swimming and climbing. If your duck is already well trained, you are now ready to join races and tournaments. Although some competitions have different requirements to accomplish before you qualify to join.

Hence, in Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt, your goal here is to search for the secreted treasures in the volcano’s cave. After defeating the fire duck in the previous episode, the volcano has been inactive and became an attractive tourist attraction. There were stories that there are mysterious treasures inside the cave underneath the volcano. As a player, be the first to search for those treasures. Visit the game’s Homepage to know more.

Duck Life 5 differs from its previous episodes in a lot of ways. There are no titled races or competitions in this episode. There is an actual race, to get to the hidden treasures ahead of others. Your ultimate goal is not to win any title in the competition but to find the mysterious treasures in the cave. What makes it more exciting is the category of the game. This episode is more on adventure than a racing game. Try playing it for free in Duck Life 5’s Homepage.


Another change in Duck Life 5 is the accumulation of stores. There are a lot of stores outside the cave, not a one-stop shop anymore. You can also change the styles of your duckling in the Hairdresser and Clothing Stores defending on your fashion. You can also provide your duckling some expensive accessories. There is a Mechanic Shop around and as well as the Witch Ducktor Store where you can have tools to use in your adventure. There is also the Jetpack Shop if you want to a variety of jetpacks. A Pet Shop is also now available where you can buy new and amazing pets which will help your duckling in a lot of ways in his dangerous quest for the treasures. Play Duck Life 5 now and visit their Homepage to discover more new things.


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