Control the helicopter in Crazy Helicopter


Helicopter is an aircraft used for short-distance travel or emergency purposes. This is a simple version of the first ever airplane created. Some people say that using this particular vehicle is only for the rich and famous. It may or may not be true but the thing is that it can provide benefits to mankind. There are two common purposes that this vehicle provides. First is for emergency or rescue mission whether in land or in water because it is smaller than a regular airplane which means that it is lighter and faster. Second is for short-distance travel as mentioned a while ago.


This article that you are currently reading is presenting a flash game related to a helicopter. The name of the game is Crazy Helicopter. This is a game created by and released in 2007. The mission of the players is to control the helicopter as it passes through different obstacles and avoid or eliminate threats as much as possible. Mouse click and spacebar are the main controls.


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