Bump on stars and make them dust in Planet Basher 2


The planet is in need of stardust and there is no one in Earth brave enough to collect them. Offer once again your helping hand in Planet Basher 2. An exciting adventure game that will try test your targeting skills and also your luck. Launch rockets in order to collect stars and stardust, upgrade your ship and get the amount they need to succeed in your mission. You control a cannon that launches rockets to collect stars and stardust, the more stars you hit, the more stardust you get.

Planet Basher 2 (3)

However your rocket can only collect stars when it is flying within your range, once it falls off, you need to launch another one. You can lengthen the time the rocket flies by doing some upgrades, First, buy planets to bounce off your rocket, you can move them and increase the size to have more surface area. There are also upgrades for the rocket. After finishing the game you can play the infinity mode, where you can collect stars as much as you want. Try Planet Basher 2 out and let the stars kneel down before you.


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