Duck Life Download

Duck Life is a management and racing game. Each episode has its own mission to accomplish and good storyline to entertain you beyond your expectations. First, you are going to train your duckling in the field of running, flying, swimming and climbing. If your duck is already well trained, you are now ready to join races and tournaments. Although some competitions have different requirements to accomplish before you qualify to join.

Hence, in Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt, your goal here is to search for the secreted treasures in the volcano’s cave. After defeating the fire duck in the previous episode, the volcano has been inactive and became an attractive tourist attraction. There were stories that there are mysterious treasures inside the cave underneath the volcano. As a player, be the first to search for those treasures. Visit the game’s Homepage to know more.

Duck Life 5 differs from its previous episodes in a lot of ways. There are no titled races or competitions in this episode. There is an actual race, to get to the hidden treasures ahead of others. Your ultimate goal is not to win any title in the competition but to find the mysterious treasures in the cave. What makes it more exciting is the category of the game. This episode is more on adventure than a racing game. Try playing it for free in Duck Life 5’s Homepage.


Another change in Duck Life 5 is the accumulation of stores. There are a lot of stores outside the cave, not a one-stop shop anymore. You can also change the styles of your duckling in the Hairdresser and Clothing Stores defending on your fashion. You can also provide your duckling some expensive accessories. There is a Mechanic Shop around and as well as the Witch Ducktor Store where you can have tools to use in your adventure. There is also the Jetpack Shop if you want to a variety of jetpacks. A Pet Shop is also now available where you can buy new and amazing pets which will help your duckling in a lot of ways in his dangerous quest for the treasures. Play Duck Life 5 now and visit their Homepage to discover more new things.



If you love games that are full of action and if the continuous gunfire is just like a sweet music to your ears, the strike force heroes games are the best ones for you. This is a war game that is full of challenges and adventures. Test yourself how long can you survive in a battlefield along with your enemies loaded with high power ammunition. Your mission in playing strike force heroes is to shoot all enemies around and leave no one alive.

While playing, collect all the power ups, those will give you more health, ammo or cash. Every mission has different objectives for you to fulfill them. There are missions where you will have to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible. There are some missions where you have to kill a number of enemy soldiers first before the enemy soldiers kill you a number of times. Then there is also a mission where you simply have to kill the enemy first before you are killed. And there are a lot more variations. This will make the game more exciting and not boring. And each mission involves different rewards too. Some missions will reward you cash or new type of weapon or unlock a new type of soldier or a combination of any of these three. And you also unlock the next mission when you win the battle.

In the first installment, you will go through fifteen levels in the Campaign Mode and fifteen stages in the Challenge Mode. There are sixty five weapons to unlock. There is also a Quick Match Mode. In the second sequel, there are also fifteen missions in the Campaign Mode and a lot of challenges. There is also a Custom Game.


And in the third installment, strike force heroes 3, is the most improved version. It is also the most challenging of them all. Aside from the sophisticated graphics, it was also made longer than its predecessors. There are fifty missions to go through and enjoy. And a lot of video clippings were embedded throughout the game, making the game realistic. It starts and end with video clippings.


vex 2 walkthrough

The Vex game series is one of the most played games online. After the success of Vex 1, the game developers released Vex 2 immediately. There were some improvements made and new features added; reasons why you will be interested to play the second version.


When you play Vex 2, you play as the stick figure on the go. You will have the adventure of your life. Run, jump, climb, swim and slide as the situation demands. But be very careful, the journey is not smooth at all. Deadly obstacles are all over the place. There are spikes, laser beams, saws and a lot more. One touch with them will kill you. When in the water, take note that your breath is limited. If your breath bar empties, you will also die. Not to worry though, there are checkpoints everywhere too represented by red flags. If you run through them, the game will record your progress. In case you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have reached.

There are two game modes in Vex 2: the Play mode which is the pre-developed game by the game developers and the Stage Builder Mode. In the Play Mode, there are ten levels or Acts as called in Vex. The first few levels may be easy. But as you level up, Acts gets harder. Some Acts also require you to collect keys to open passages or even the exit door. Even so they get harder, they are not impossibly hard. In fact, you can find walkthroughs how to finish each Act or watch videos of players who were able to finish the game.

In the Stage Builder Mode, you can build your own stage or Act. There are available platforms, objects and obstacles in your building tools. But if you want better tools, play the pre-developed game to unlock more building tools.

Also in Vex 2, there is now the Achievements Room. This is a new feature in the game. There are twenty nine Achievements to complete. Challenge yourself to complete them all as you play especially the seventh Achievement where you are asked to collect at least three stars within the game.


Earn to Die 2014 game

In the Earn To Die game series, you will not shoot zombies. You will drive and smash them instead. The goal of each game is to reach a certain destination by driving a vehicle without being stuck or running out of fuel. There are usually three vehicles to use in the entirety of each game, the first being given and either buy or unlock the succeeding vehicles. The next vehicles are better or more capable than the other.

In the first Earn To Die game, the Super Wheel was missing. In fact, an upgrade of the wheel is not available. But in Earn to Die 2014, also known as Earn To Die Super Wheel, the super wheel had been found. This version is exactly the same as the first one, with the addition of the super wheel. That means you can now upgrade the wheels completely.


The zombies had invaded your town and you are one of the survivors. You saw a helicopter some three thousand feet away. And so you need a vehicle to get there. You have five hundred dollars initially, enough to buy a Small Hatchback. As you drive, you will be plowing zombies. Your score or money earned will be based on how far you got and how many zombies you have killed. Upgrade your vehicle’s fuel, wheel, engine and transmission and weapon for better performance. If the Hatchback is fully upgraded, it can go to a distance of one thousand feet; obviously not enough to reach the helicopter.

When you have earned enough money, the next vehicle to buy is the Good Old Pick Up costing twenty five thousand dollars. It is much stronger than a fully upgraded Hatchback even without any upgrades. But then, it is not still capable to run until where the helicopter is even when fully upgraded. So you have to buy the last vehicle, the Cool Heavy Truck which is the strongest vehicle and costing two hundred thousand dollars. When fully upgraded, this truck will make it through to the helicopter. It is not required to fully upgrade the Hatchback and the Pick Up. However, fully upgrading them is essential so they can go as far as possible in each run. Going a great distance each run means earning more.


Test your angling prowess in Fishing Craze

Fishing is one of the best leisure activities ever. There are three reasons why. First is because of the fact that catching fish is like a simple achievement especially for beginners. Second is because of the fact that it can also be a good source of food for an obvious reason. Third is because of the fact that it can relieve stress and give someone a peaceful mind in times of trouble or problem. There is a flash game that incorporates fishing. The name of the game is Fishing Craze.

Fishing Craze (3)

The main objective of the players who will be dealing with it is to join a team of fishing enthusiasts and travel the world. You will have to join certain fishing tournaments and upgrade your ranking from amateur fishing individual into professional and elite levels. All you have to do is to catch the best fish in each tournament. There are more than 80 levels that you can play in Fishing Craze.


Beautify the whiskery creature with Hello Kitty Stylish Makeover

There is no doubt that Hello Kitty is one of the most popular characters in the entire world due to tow good reasons. First is because of the fact that she is a cat which makes animal lovers go gaga about her. Second is because of the kindness and cuteness she possesses. Do you know that there is a flash game related to Hello Kitty? The name of the game is Hello Kitty Stylish Makeover.

Hello Kitty Stylish Makeover (4)

Hello Kitty is going on a shopping with her cute little sister. But before they head off to the mall. She must pamper herself to look good and fresh. It is your job as the player to take good care of her. You should help her shower, dress up and put some accessories to look refreshing and gorgeous. This game is perfect for children who obviously love Hello Kitty as well as love beautification in many different ways. All you have to do with this game is to follow the instructions very well and you are good to go.


Bump on stars and make them dust in Planet Basher 2

The planet is in need of stardust and there is no one in Earth brave enough to collect them. Offer once again your helping hand in Planet Basher 2. An exciting adventure game that will try test your targeting skills and also your luck. Launch rockets in order to collect stars and stardust, upgrade your ship and get the amount they need to succeed in your mission. You control a cannon that launches rockets to collect stars and stardust, the more stars you hit, the more stardust you get.

Planet Basher 2 (3)

However your rocket can only collect stars when it is flying within your range, once it falls off, you need to launch another one. You can lengthen the time the rocket flies by doing some upgrades, First, buy planets to bounce off your rocket, you can move them and increase the size to have more surface area. There are also upgrades for the rocket. After finishing the game you can play the infinity mode, where you can collect stars as much as you want. Try Planet Basher 2 out and let the stars kneel down before you.


Find the real culprit in High School Detective

Rip Powers is one of the best the football players of the school. They have a game against Cowell High the next day but unfortunately, someone used honey on his protein shake. Because he is allergic to honey, he was disabled. Duncan Cox, a notorious student and is about to face suspension, was tasked to investigate and discover who put honey on Rip Powers’ protein shake in exchange of the suspension. But if he fails to discover who did it, the principal will hold him responsible for it instead.

So start investigating by asking people in the school questions. You will be given choices on what to do. Then you will be given questions or comments to tell the person you have chosen. High School Detective: The Case of the Honey Trap is a challenging point-and-click mystery game. Try your instincts to discover the real culprit.

High School Detective (1)


Choose a perfect game in Kizi 1000

Find out which game you are best with, and choose over the wide selection in Kizi 1000 games. All games are free, fun and full of adventure. You will find your favorite characters from the movies. Learn what they do after a movie and their off the screen jobs. Of course your job is to help them do it. There is no required signing in for members and no fees are to be paid.

You can find out the title of a game if you hover your mouse over the icon. Switch over other games with just a click of a button, after you spent over a hundred hours playing a game. The controls are very basic, and differ depending on the game you choose. Most of the games include the controls in the game itself, so you will learn it as you play the game. In case you want to try out other games, just try out your luck and click randomly over thousands of choices. Release your road rage in our racing games, try and discover your talent with our sports game, test the power of your mind with our puzzle games or simply be a princess and get together with your tea parties. The website also offers multiplayer games. That means you can play with your family and friends. The activities you can do, like the games in our selection are countless.

Kizi 1000 (3)

After a long day of school or work, sit down in front of your computer, relax and have fun with these games. Reminiscent the games you played in your family computers back in the days, or explore new games that are made by the best game developers. Try visiting Kizi 1000 for lots of enjoyment and adventure. You will never again think of going to another flash game website.


A different but fun way to race with Renegade Racing

It is a fact that racing games have been getting great attention and appreciation from gamers around the world. There are two reasons why. First is because they are exciting. Second is because they are entertaining and challenging at the same time. Renegade Racing is one of them. This one is all about craziness and fun with the usual driving and racing vibes. Wondering what this game is about? You will find out if you continue reading.

A player of Renegade Racing will have to race against crazy and quirky racers such as rednecks, police men and other track racers. There are different tracks presented in every level and tricks that you should perform to boost your car towards the finish line. Make sure to be the first one to finish in every race so that you can upgrade your car into a better one. Enjoy playing Renegade Racing and beat the rest of the racers. Renegade Racing can be your favorite entertainment medium if you play it now!